Siruba S007KD-W122-356 Small/ Narrow Cylinder Bed Machine

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Siruba S007KD-W122-356 Details

Siruba S007KD-W122-356 Industrial sewing Machine/Ladder machine with a small cylindrical bed, 3 needle needles gauge 5.6 mm, stitch length 1.4-4.2 mm, height lifting 5 mm, cylinder circumference 181 mm, suitable for sewing small circuits, distance from the cylinder end to the middle 31.4 mm needles. Sewing speed up to 4000 stitches / min, central lubrication, equipped with a set for stitching overlock seams. Energy-saving servo motor mounted in the head of the machine, automatic positioning of needles, thread cutting, foot lift, electromagnetic control. Needle system UY128GAS # 9-14. Engine and table in the price of the device.

Technologies are advancing. In this transformative era, industrial sewing machines are evolving rapidly. Through continuous growth and evolution, when facing strong challenges, SiRUBA always Keep the faith. From taking orders, manufacturing, and shipping, we keep our eyes on the details of every step, to provide the best products and services for our customers.

Siruba devote ourselves to contributing sewing industry. Also Siruba have various sewing machine products, which can be applied on numerous sewing procedures, like our best-selling OVERLOCK and INTERLOCK sewing machines, computer-controlled BAR-TACKING and BUTTON-HOLING machines. Moreover, Siruba released a full line-up of automatic sewing machines combining higher positioning accuracy and craftsman’s touch, to fulfill customers’ needs in many categories like knitwear, jeans and sportswear.


COVERING (Fold-down Type)
This basic model of small cylinder machine. 3-in-1 model, includes.
bottom hemming/seam covering overturned seam.
Remark : Initial setting can be set according to request:


S007K-W122-356/PCH-3M Hemming.
S007K-W122-356/PCC-3M Overturned seam covering for medium fabric.
S007K-W122-356/PCD-3M Overturned seam covering for light fabric.
Obtained the qualification for Taiwan government policy “Strengthen the Taiwanese businessmen to invest in Taiwan”.
Increased the shareholding to be 100% of Kaulin Machinery & Electronic Industrial (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.


Where can I buy the Siruba S007KD-W122-356 Industrial sewing Machine in Bangladesh?

You can buy the Siruba S007KD-W122-356 Industrial sewing Machine from Shohag Enterprise . Also, We offer JukiBrotherSirubaMaqiKansaiHashima, and other Brands’ industrial Sewing machines at best price in Bangladesh.



Siruba sewing machine is continually changing as technology advances. They pay special attention to the specifics of each phase and ensure that their consumers receive the best products possible. Their best-selling overlock machines are compatible with all of their sewing machine models and include a craftsman's touch. Siruba machines may also be used to create knitwear and sportswear, as well as jeans. The Siruba Overlock Sewing Machine has a capacity of two needles and four threads. It also comes with color-coded threading charts for quick and easy threading. The Siruba machine incorporates feeds that distinguish and avoid wavy seams in knitted textiles, as well as motions between layers of materials. Apart from those benefits, it also provides pucker-free seams for lighter materials. There are always things to double-check no matter where you are in your making abilities. Based on the stiffness or thickness of the fabric and thread size, this Siruba machine comes with an adjustable machine chart that lets you stitch flawlessly every time.

Where can I buy SIRUBA Industrial Sewing Machine?

You can buy from Shohag Enterprise. Also, We offer Juki, Brother, Siruba, Maqi, Kansai, Hashima, and other Brands’ various models of electrical industrial Sewing machines.
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