SIRUBA F007K High speed interlock sewing stitch machine -Flat lock machine

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siruba f007kd series industrial interlock/overlock stitch/sewing machine is used for General plain seaming.

Hemming at the bottom. Attaching a tubular rib-fabric elastic waistband. For heavy material, use funeral simple seaming. Binding using tape. Covering seams with an overlock stitch. Tape is attached with elastic. Right side fabric trimmer used to connect elastic tape. Attaching a tubular elastic waistband. The hem is elasticized. seaming on the belt loops Mechanism with two loopers. Mechanism with three loopers.

For the purpose of material/short stitch length.
Material is medium, and the stitch length is standard.
The material is thick and the stitch length is long.

Brand new top and under trimmer:

The pneumatic, electric top, and under-knife combo, which was recently invented, is fast, stable, and precise. Thims thread is a helpful operation that is simple to change.

Small LED Light:

Led light, is convenient for threading or adjusting the needle.

Built-in mini direct-drive servo motor:

lower noise and less vibration, precise position, energy-saving, and carbon reduction.Newly designed.Makes position precisely, stably, and easy to adjust.

Dual Thread Take-up mechanism:

The dual thread take-up level thread tension combination is a totally new design that works well with both heavy and light fabrics. Sewing application is more prevalent.

This machine has three needles, three loopers, and one spreader, and it’s designed for seaming the shell fabric and lining of pockets in trousers or work pants in a single operation to improve sewing quality and efficiency.

F007K-W222-□□□/FQ(DF□) 2 4 4.0/4.8 1.6~4.2 0.5~1.3 5 UYX128GAS#10 6000.
F007K-W222-□□□/FQ(DF□) 3 5 5.6/6.4 1.6~4.2 0.5~1.3 5 UYX128GAS#10 6000.
F007K-W222-□□□/FFD(DF□) 2 4 4.0/4.8 1.6~4.2 0.5~1.3 5 UYX128GAS#10 6000.
F007K-W222-□□□/FFD(DF□) 3 5 5.6/6.4 1.6~4.2 0.5~1.3 5 UYX128GAS#10 6000.
F007K-W222-□□□/FFP(DF□) 2 4 4.0/4.8 1.6~4.2 0.5~1.3 5 UYX128GAS#10 6000.
F007K-W222-□□□/FFP(DF□) 3 5 5.6/6.4 1.6~4.2 0.5~1.3 5 UYX128GAS#10 6000.
For tape binding on leg openings or neck of underwear, T-shirts, etc… Also can attach an electric(FEC) or pneumatic(FAC) tape cutter to save tape and increase sewing efficiency.


The top feeding device controls the elastic band’s tension. Elastic band right-left position controller (by knee-pushing) sets the materials joining at the beginning and end of the waistband, leg opening of briefs…etc.
FFD: Gearbox type for accurate tension control.
FFP: Spring type for simple tension control.
FNC, FSC: Sensor-type rear cutter with direct-drive servo motor.

F007K instruction book.
F007KD.DF□ parts list.
F007KD.DF□ attachment parts list.


Where can I buy the siruba f007k/f007kd industrial interlock sewing machine in Bangladesh?


You can buy the siruba f007k industrial interlock sewing machine from Shohag Enterprise . Also, We offer JukiBrotherSirubaMaqiKansaiHashima, and other Brands’ industrial Sewing machines at best price in Bangladesh.



Siruba sewing machine is continually changing as technology advances. They pay special attention to the specifics of each phase and ensure that their consumers receive the best products possible. Their best-selling overlock machines are compatible with all of their sewing machine models and include a craftsman's touch. Siruba machines may also be used to create knitwear and sportswear, as well as jeans. The Siruba Overlock Sewing Machine has a capacity of two needles and four threads. It also comes with color-coded threading charts for quick and easy threading. The Siruba machine incorporates feeds that distinguish and avoid wavy seams in knitted textiles, as well as motions between layers of materials. Apart from those benefits, it also provides pucker-free seams for lighter materials. There are always things to double-check no matter where you are in your making abilities. Based on the stiffness or thickness of the fabric and thread size, this Siruba machine comes with an adjustable machine chart that lets you stitch flawlessly every time.

Where can I buy SIRUBA Industrial Sewing Machine?

You can buy from Shohag Enterprise. Also, We offer Juki, Brother, Siruba, Maqi, Kansai, Hashima, and other Brands’ various models of electrical industrial Sewing machines.
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