Mini direct drive servo motor system
provides quick start sewing, precise
positioning, low noise, and no belt dust.

Safety switch : Stops running when the
machine is tilted to ensure safety.

Needle Feed Model(NM, NH): The needlefeeding
mechanism provides stability and
efficiency of feed, and prevents uneven
material feed effectively.

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siruba dl7200a lockstitch industrial sewing machine has a new trimming mechanism: Very short trimmed thread end (3mm)

The traditional trimming mechanism is a pair of fixed knives and moving knives. The new trimming mechanism is a pair of dual-moving knives. Thread trimming is made at the point near the needle plate to have a very short trimmed thread end.

Sealed oil tank

The traditional oil tank is an open type. DL7200A’s oil tank is a sealed type, and the oil will not come out from the machine.

New control panel

Parameters are shown by graphics in English and Chinese, which makes intuitive operation and no need to check a manual book.
Hot keys of the functions: layout and setting route are clear.
The Reset key makes the default setting easy.
Equipped with a plug for Connecting network module.
CapSense Touch Button is economic and practical without the problems of printing film buttons (broken, fade…etc.)

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Where can I buy the SIRUBA DL7200A lockstitch industrial sewing machine in Bangladesh?


You can buy the siruba DL7200A lockstitch industrial sewing machine in Bangladesh from Shohag Enterprise . Also, We offer JukiBrotherSirubaMaqiKansaiHashima, and other Brands of Industrial Sewing machines at the best price in Bangladesh.



Siruba sewing machine is continually changing as technology advances. They pay special attention to the specifics of each phase and ensure that their consumers receive the best products possible. Their best-selling overlock machines are compatible with all of their sewing machine models and include a craftsman’s touch. Siruba machines may also be used to create knitwear and sportswear, as well as jeans.

The Siruba Overlock Sewing Machine has a capacity of two needles and four threads. It also comes with color-coded threading charts for quick and easy threading. The Siruba machine incorporates feeds that distinguish and avoid wavy seams in knitted textiles, as well as motions between layers of materials. Apart from those benefits, it also provides pucker-free seams for lighter materials.

There are always things to double-check no matter where you are in your making abilities. Based on the stiffness or thickness of the fabric and thread size, this Siruba machine comes with an adjustable machine chart that lets you stitch flawlessly every time.

Who is the best Siruba sewing machine supplier in Bangladesh?

Shohag Enterprise, the best Siruba sewing machine supplier in Bangladesh. The Shohag enterprise began operations in 2015 and has since grown to become the best in Industrial Sewing Machine suppliers in Bangladesh. We have experience with a wide range of sewing and embroidery machines. Textile Sewing Machines from well-known manufacturers such as JackJukiBrotherKansaiHashimaMAQI, and Siruba are available. Our skilled team can assist you in selecting an industrial sewing or embroidery machine, as well as providing servicing, repairs, and components.

We, the Siruba sewing machine supplier in Bangladesh, strive to give the best rates, accurate information, and industry-leading after-sales service. If you have any questions after you’ve purchased from us, we’re merely a phone call away.

We’ll work within your budget and pay close attention to the scope, features, and other details that you want. The majority of the time, the extra performances come with a higher price tag. If you are ready to adapt to the demand, there is still room to fill. Swing machines with a single or removing function may endure longer and provide you with less bother. We read hundreds of expert and buyer reviews, highlight advantages and drawbacks, and ratings of dozens of models while looking for the finest sewing machines for you. Once you’ve entered our guide, we’ll select the best feature machines for you based on their durability, performance, and adaptability.

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