MAQI W1 Direct Drive, Semi Automatic High Speed INTERLOCK (Flat lock) Flat bed Machine

Brand MAQI
Stitching Method INTERLOCK
Max Stitch Length 7 MM
Usage/Application ALL METERIALS
Model Number/Name W1
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Product Description
applicable to knitwear, sports wear, casual wear,etc.
1, hold core technology, consume electricity less than
1 KW.H one day.
2, integrative machine (German design, sharp look ).
3, intelligent USB interface( easily charge phones).
4, outside threading cam( more convenient threading).

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  • Hold core technology, consume electricity less than 1 KW.H one day.
  • Integrative machine (German design, sharp look ).
  • Intelligent USB interface( easily charge phones).
  • Outside threading cam( more convenient threading).
W1-01CB 3 5 #11-14 5000 55/60 67.5*42.5*65
W1-02BB 3 5 #11-14 5000 55/60 67.5*42.5*65
W1-21BB 3 5 #14 5000 55/60 67.5*42.5*65
W1-05CB 3 5 #11-14 5000 55/60 67.5*42.5*65


Modern design and ease of installation

MAQI W1-series are one of the latest developments of the plant. Equipped with a built-in servomotor and control unit in the head of the machine.

The control panel is equipped with buttons to control the engine of the machine:

  • “P” – switch the needle positioner with LED indication.
  • “S” – LED backlight control.
  • “+” – increase in speed.
  • “-” – decrease in speed.

Fully integrated design greatly simplifies the assembly and installation of the spreading machine.

The mechanism of giving of a thread is taken out

In the new model of the machine, the cam for releasing the thread of the loop is brought forward. This design is much more practical and easy to operate.

For ease of thread filling, the guide frame is lifted up with a light pressure and after refueling just as easily returns to its original position.

USB port

This flat stitch machine is equipped with a full USB connector that can be used for internal firmware control unit, or as a power source for external devices. For example, to recharge a smartphone.

Complete set:

  • Industrial flat sewing machine with flat platform MAQI W1-01CB-Ix364:
    • sewing machine head with built-in servomotor.
    • instructions and partlist.
    • oil.
    • standard needles.
    • standard set of tools.
    • bobbin rack.
  • Bedside table.

Where can I buy the MAQI W1 series Inter Lock(Flatlock) Industrial sewing Machine in Bangladesh?

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You may choose from a range of maqi sewing machine choices, including manual and walking foot. Lock stitch, chain stitch, and overlock stitch are additional options. 6mm, 2.5mm, and 5.5mm are also available. And if the sewing machine maqi is intended for use at home, in garment stores, or in a production facility.

Who is the best maqi sewing machine supplier in Bangladesh?

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