KANSAI NB1433PSSM – 33 needle Smocking Sewing Machine

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KANSAI NB1433PSSM 33 needle flatbed industrial smocking sewing machine Details

KANSAI NB1433PSSM 33 needle flatbed industrial smocking sewing machine, With elastic thread inside the loopers, stitch machine for shirring and smocking. 33 needles with ornate stitch and tucks, as well as the looper’s elastic thread. In addition, four decorative thread spreaders extend the variety of design patterns available. Also, an excellent design can be enhanced even more with the addition of four decorating spreaders. The cam cover is simple to open and close. The cam may be readily changed without the use of any tools!! Also, the cam cover can be readily opened. And the cam can be changed without the use of any tools. In addition. Partial shirring is possible with a lever-type adjustment. Moreover, By manipulating the lever, you can do as much or as little puckering as you choose.


  • NB series is a flatbed, multi-needle double chain stitch machine.
  • 25 or 33 needle machines are available due to the vertical movement of the looper. Also, there are a variety of gauges, which are selectable according to the operation.
  • The smocking models(PSM & PSSM) are equipped with four spreaders for the decorative threads. This innovation enables a greater variety of different designs.
  • The machine is suitable for attaching elastic, smocking and shirring, etc. for interior goods or ladies’ wear.





Model: Kansai special NB1433PSSM.
Condition: new.
Applicable industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Home Use, Retail, Other.
Place of origin: Japan.
Stitch formation: Chain Stitch.
Mechanical configuration: Flat Bed.
Max. sewing thickness: 10mm.
Feed mechanism: other.
Key selling points: Easy to Operate.
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided.
Warranty of core components: 1 Year.
Core components: Motor.
Weight (kg): 58 KG.
Operation: Electronic.
Features: HIGH SPEED.
Max. sewing speed: 2500 sti/min.

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Where can I buy KANSAI NB1433PSSM 33 needle flatbed industrial smocking sewing machine?

You can buy KANSAI NB1433PSSM 33 needle flatbed industrial smocking sewing machine from Shohag Enterprise. Also, We offer Juki, Brother, Siruba, Maqi, Kansai, Hashima, and other Brands’ industrial Sewing machines.




Kansai sewing machine runs quietly and effectively. They can stitch heavy and light waistbands, such as denim and woven fabrics, that are difficult for normal machines to sew. Long stitching, joining line tapes, lap seaming, inserting elastic, and cuffing suits and blazers are all done using them.

Kansai machines have overcome problems like as puckering and twisting. Kansai machines have also eliminated material slippage with to their multi-needle double chain stitch. You can sew with up to three needles, five threads, and 8 to 16 stitches per inch.

The Kansai sewing machine consumes 90% less energy than clutch motors, weighs 1/3 as much, and allows you to reverse the motor movement with a single button. Finally, no matter how firmly you push your foot on the pedal, the programmed speed remains the same, making it simple to use for both experienced sewers and beginners.

Kansai machines are designed for those who prefer alternating between high-speed and low-speed jobs. These machines make the transition easy, allowing you to maintain control over your speed and concentrate on stitching.


Who is the best KANSAI sewing machine supplier in Bangladesh?


Shohag Enterprise, the best KANSAI sewing machine supplier in Bangladesh. The Shohag enterprise began operations in 2015 and has since grown to become the best in Industrial Sewing Machine suppliers in Bangladesh. We have experience with a wide range of sewing and embroidery machines. Textile Sewing Machines from well-known manufacturers such as JackJukiBrotherKansaiHashimaMAQI, and Siruba are available. Our skilled team can assist you in selecting an industrial sewing or embroidery machine, as well as providing servicing, repairs, and components.

We, the KANSAI sewing machine supplier in Bangladesh, strive to give the best rates, accurate information, and industry-leading after-sales service. If you have any questions after you’ve purchased from us, we’re merely a phone call away.

We’ll work within your budget and pay close attention to the scope, features, and other details that you want. The majority of the time, the extra performances come with a higher price tag. If you are ready to adapt to the demand, there is still room to fill. Swing machines with a single or removing function may endure longer and provide you with less bother. We read hundreds of expert and buyer reviews, highlight advantages and drawbacks, and ratings of dozens of models while looking for the finest sewing machines for you. Once you’ve entered our guide, we’ll select the best feature machines for you based on their durability, performance, and adaptability.

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