Juki DDL-7000A series sewing machine

The thread take-up lever which provides a wider sewing range is adopted.Needle bar stroke is 35 mm,With this feature, the sewing machine is able to sew many different types of materials ranging from light-weight ones to medium-weight denim.

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Juki DDL-7000A Series Industrial sewing machine

An energy-saving servomotor is installed in the direct-drive style.

The juki DDL 7000A series sewing machine has installed high-efficiency and the energy-saving servo motor which is set to direct-drive mode to deliver power to the sewing machine without loss, resulting in increased needle penetration force, faster start-up, and improved responsiveness.

The compact-sized control box and operation panel.

Both the control box and the operation panel are housed in the machine head, which is tiny and compact. An operating panel is included as standard with the unit.


Juki DDL-7000A Series Industrial sewing machine specification:
Model name DDL-7000AS-7 DDL-7000AH-7
Application Light to medium weight Heavy weight
Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min 4,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 5mm
Needle DB×1 (#14) #14~#18 DB×5 (#21) #20~#23
Presser foot By hand : 5.5mm, By knee: 13mm


Provided as standard with LED lighting.

Because the LED lights cast their light perfectly downward to illuminate the needle entrance region from the right and left sides of the needle bar, sewing operations are easier than when utilizing light from one direction. Furthermore, the illuminance of the LED lights can change into five levels, and they may use as a work auxiliary light.

Highly-functional touch-back switch.

In addition to a thread trimmer, JUKI’s sewing machine has the well-known needle breakage-prevention function as standard. The main shaft angle control acts to avoid needle breakage even when the touch-back switch utilizes to conduct reverse feed stitching. The height of the touch-back switch may modify based on the items to be sewn.


Where can I buy the Juki DDL-7000A Series Industrial sewing machine in Bangladesh?


You can buy the Juki DDL-7000A Series Industrial sewing machine in Bangladesh from Shohag Enterprise . Also, We offer JukiBrotherSirubaMaqiKansaiHashima, and other Brands of Industrial Sewing machines at the best price in Bangladesh.




JUKI Industrial sewing machine Products with the highest worldwide share are utilized in 180 countries throughout the world. JUKI's industrial sewing machines sew "stitches" for a wide range of items, including garments, athletics, shoes, and bags, as well as car seats. JUKI's machines' stitching capabilities help the global sewing industry.

Where can I buy Juki Industrial Sewing Machine?

You can buy from Shohag Enterprise. Also, We offer Juki, Brother, Siruba, Maqi, Kansai, Hashima, and other Brands’ various models of electrical industrial Sewing machines.
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