High Speed Computerized Jack W4-D flatbed interlock Industrial Sewing Machine

3-needle ladder machine with an integrated energy-saving servo motor, flatbed, with lower and upper interlacing, designed for hemming the bottoms of knitted blouses and T-shirts, trimming (binder needed), stitching overlock seams, decorative stitching, and many other operations.

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Jack W4-D flatbed interlock is an industrial sewing machine with 2-3 needles and 4-5 threads that is electrical. It can sew both thin and thick textiles without wrinkling them.

The seals at the needle bar and feed dog are enlarged to prevent oil from spilling into the textiles.

The LED control panel is simple to use and reset, allowing the user to operate the equipment with no training.

Automatic Thread Trimmer
The Scissors’ service life of JACK W4-D is extended with the upper and lower thread trimmer, with less problem and great efficiency, and 100% perfect trimming.

For Light And Heavy Fabric
Increase the sewing range, making it appropriate for a variety of fabrics and allowing for smooth, arch-free sewing.
Voice Instructions Voice Instructions The voice navigation function can fix a basic problem.

One Machine Has Multi-Functions
Sewing techniques such as plain seams, tape binding, cover seam sewing, and bottom hemming are all suitable.

Integrated Design
With only one plugin, a controller, mechanical and electrical integration is possible.

Machine equipment :
– LED lamp.
– a device for evenly placing pits.
– the device for flattening overlock seams.
– 3 pcs screwdriver set.
– 2 flat.
wrench set – 7 hex key set.
– screwdriver for fixing needles.
– 3 spare needle screws.
– spare needles 4 pcs.
– tweezers.
– spare oil filter.
– oilcan 2 pcs.

Technical parameters:
– sewing speed 6000 stitches/min.
– needle gauge 5.6 mm or 6.4 mm.
– the number of needles is 3 needles.
– presser-foot lifting height 5 mm.
– upper interlacing (also possible sewing without interlacing).
– differential transport.
– needle system UY128GAS.
– 230V / 50Hz power supply.

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Where can I buy Jack W4-D flatbed interlock industrial sewing machine?

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