Brother Nexio S7300A indsutrial lockstitch sewing machine

– DigiFlex Feed improves efficiency and quality sewing by preventing needle breakage, material slippage, and puckering.
– Reduction in the number of thread ends that need to be disposed of.
– Design Stitch adds a new level of value.
– Clogging at the decrease of the cross-over seam.
– The color LCD touch panel was installed for easy operation.
– With the addition of a new Hand Switch, the operability is improved.

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Brother Nexio S7300A indsutrial lockstitch sewing machine Description
This machine is built to JAPANESE SPECIFICATION, comes complete with head, ENERGY saving motor, stand, table and cotton stand.

Suitable for light, medium, stretch & heavyweight fabrics as well as light weight leather.

The machine provides stable sewing without oil staining, offering excellent durability


The brand new Brother Nexio S7300A Single Needle Direct Drive Lockstitch Machine with Electronic Feed System.  The world’s first lockstich industrial sewing machines which adopts the Electronic Feed Control directly connected via a stepping motor. The next generation of lockstitch sewing machine which establishes the new standard, has been born.

Brother Nexio S7300A lockstitch sewing machine’s Main Features:

High Quality Sewing
Reduction of “birds nest” and thread ends
Equipped with color LCD touch panel for intuitive operation
Offers a new value with Design Stitch
Enhances the operability with new Hand Stitch

In-depth look of Brother Nexio S7300A lockstitch sewing machine:

Design Stitch, which was used to by hand only before, is now available. It brings wide range of possibilities to adopt on collar and cuffs.
Condensed stitching and back tack sewing can operate on the same seam
Thanks to the electronical feeding system, the mechanic adjustment is no more necessary.
New Double action thread trimming system
The two movable knives enable to cut the thread at the bottom of needle hole, realizing the remaining short thread at minimum to offer stress-free operation.
Short remaining thread minimum 3mm
Thread trimming after sewing is easy thanks to the short remaining thread and even length of the remaining thread.
Enhances the sewing quality by bird’s nest reduction. The bird’s nest is minimized so that the materials are not damaged by removing the threads.

Color LCD Touch Panel

The easy-to-use touch panel is available for 2 types of display according to the users, Detailed mode Home and Easy mode Home. It indicates display items with illustration icons, offering user-intuitive operation.

Cross-over seam Assist Mode

You can set ON/OFF for seam joint sewing with material thickness sensor. It is effective for clogging prevention at cross-over seam.

Feed motion Change feature of Brother Nexio S7300A lockstitch sewing machine

You can select the feed motion type from 4 kinds of feed motion.

Stable and Safe Operation

When the sensor detects the thickness difference, the feed motion and sewing speed is automatically changed for the thickness joint. It reduces the possibilities of clogging and needle breakage occur with less burden for operator.

Easy for unskilled operators

The sewing pitch can be stable so even the unskilled operators can realize the quality sewing.

Needle Breakage Prevention Function

Needle Breakage Prevention Function The needle breakage is serious quality problem in the sewing factories. Only Brother’s sewing machines can provide solutions to it by the needle breakage prevention function(Patent acquired). With the electronic feeding system, it controls the timing of motion of needle and feed dog while sewing and prevents the needle breakage occurs. The function reduces the possibility of needle breakage which occurs when reverse stitching is carried out with the back-tack switch.

USB Port of Brother Nexio S7300A lockstitch sewing machine

USB port The USB port equips as standard, so sewing patterns copy and software upgrade can do easily. By registering such as stitch length and sewing speed as a sewing program, you can copy the environmental settings to other sewing machines, reducing the work time when the operation change.

LED Handy Light (Two-sides type)

LED Handy Light (Two-sides type)Two-sides LED handy light, which has advantages for brightness and durability equipp as standard. Two-sides type prevents to get dark on handling area so it is effective for easy operation and productivity enhancement. The brightness can adjust five-level on the operation panel.

Comfortable Pulley

Comfortable pulley the new design pulley designs to be fit in women operators’ reach. The distance to the pulley is 80 mm shorter than the conventional model.

Brother Nexio S7300A lockstitch sewing machine has Clean Sewing to Prevent Oil Staining

You can choose minimum lubrication system and semi-dry system. BROTHER Nexio S7300A sewing machine’s lubrication system realize clean sewing and sewing products will not stain.

Brother Green Label Acquired

S-7300A meets the voluntary environmental standards(Brother Green Label Standard) on environment-conscious products.The bobbin winder is located at the top of the sewing machine arm. This makes it easy to adjust the bobbin winding amount and to replace the bobbin.


Where can I buy the BROTHER Nexio S7300A indsutrial lockstitch sewing machine in Bangladesh?


You can buy the BROTHER Nexio S7300A indsutrial lockstitch sewing machine in Bangladesh from Shohag Enterprise . Also, We offer JukiBrotherSirubaMaqiKansaiHashima, and other Brands of Industrial Sewing machines at the best price in Bangladesh.



Bangladesh is one of the most important markets for industrial sewing machines in the world. Brother is a well-known producer of industrial sewing machines. There are several models available on the market. Among them are traditional metal chassis sewing machines with functional and decorative stitches. It's perfect for minor alterations and dressmaking. It might be difficult to decide when to invest in your industrial sewing process. While replacing your present sewing machine might be pricey, it is unquestionably worthwhile in the long term. Investing in an automated sewing machine that matches your materials will save you time and money. We have some of the greatest industrial sewing machines for you to buy, try out, and have delivered to your location. This brand is known across the world as one of the greatest industrial sewing machines, and it can provide you with a variety of features that are unmatched by the competition. Brother was founded in 1908, which means it has a lengthy history and is a reputable manufacturer. If something goes wrong, we'll do all we can to get it back to factory specifications. It has machines that can handle a variety of fabrics, including lightweight and heavy materials like leather. It was the first to create the direct-drive motor, which saves money on power and is ecologically benign.

Why do you need to buy brother sewing machine for industries?

The major reason for purchasing an industrial sewing machine is for its great stitching efficiency, speed, and convenience. In addition, most sewing machines are extremely long-lasting. As a result, it can be utilized indefinitely. Besides, the most crucial aspect is that Brother makes the greatest industrial sewing machines that are simple to operate. Also the majority of the models feature easily changeable speeds that can be easily controlled. In addition, The control tabs are also very smooth and would not require extra energy to adjust the settings.

Where can I buy Brother Industrial Sewing Machine?

You can buy from Shohag Enterprise. Also, We offer Juki, Brother, Siruba, Maqi, Kansai, Hashima, and other Brands’ various models of electrical industrial Sewing machines.
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