Hashima Fusing machine

Hashima,  a Japanese manufacturer company manufactures the best quality fusing machine and distribute them all over the world.

In the garment business, fusing machines are used to fuse a material capable of being fused to a base fabric utilizing pressure, heat, and time. The fused material should be strong enough to withstand frequent washing and other fabric treatments.

Holding the fabric and interlinking the conveyor belt during heating is an incredibly important operation that defines and preserves the garment’s quality. The adhesives in this interlinking melt at a certain pressure and temperature to connect with the clothing. This technique is quite important since it gives the garment strength and support.

Where can I buy Hashima fusing machine?

You can buy hashima fusing press machine from Shohag Enterprise. Also, We offer JukiBrotherSirubaMaqiKansaiHashima, and other Brands’ various models of electrical industrial Sewing machines.

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